So finally my living room restyle is complete. After starting the redesign of this room in early 2017 it finally has the finishing touches and is ready to be shown off.

This room had been used as a study by the previous owner but to me it had such a cosy, secure feeling I thought it would be perfect to be our living room. It had a beautiful bay window sheltered by blossom trees and had the classic period layout with one long wall opposite a chimney breast with two alcoves either side.


The open fire was pretty but not original and I had longed for a log burner that was easier to maintain and much more efficient in our freezing Edwardian house. So that was the first big job, widening the fireplace opening, rendering, and fitting the new log burner.


The walls had to be dark, my first overly-confident attempt was an epic fail you can read about that here but the recovery mission was spot on. The walls are finished in Farrow and Ball’s Down Pipe, an instagram classic. Skirtings, architraves and radiator were painted to match, but the windows are white to frame the trees outside. The ceiling is also white to help reflect the artificial light in the evenings.


The seating consists of one long sofa. A small two seater love seat. And an armchair that is really a little bit too big for the space, but it creates such a great conversational layout that I can’t bear to replace it with something more sensible. I love how everyone chats when we get together in this room.


The rug was bought from an antique rug shop at the end of our road. Now this makes us sound like we live in an idyllic location that has quaint shops and emporiums, far from it. We live in a very built up, multi-cultural part of the city and the random antique rug shop is sandwiched between the Tesco express and tattoo shop. Totally keeping it real. The rug is Persian, about 70 years old and one of my most favourite possessions. I just love old things and wondering about where they have been and what they must have seen. Plus it’s immensely practical, impervious to toddler, wine and takeaway stains.


The shelves were luckily something we inherited, they are beautifully made and I just love being able to collect random things knowing I can always find a place for it on these shelves. I have kept the look cohesive by sticking to just a few materials mostly wood and glass with a few metal pieces to help reflect the light. If you want help styling your own shelves then check out the blog here.


The small gallery wall is made up of a few prints that have their own personal story to me, and a few that are just because I liked them and they worked with the room, but I will probably replace these in time. I would always advise that you buy things you love, that you are drawn to and that have a backstory rather than items that go well with the curtains. It makes the room so much more authentic and meaningful.


The lamps were cheapies from Ikea but with more expensive shades. Because the lamps bases were of different heights and finishes I use the same shade on each to help tie them together. Remember everything doesn’t have to match perfectly, it would have been too much to have three exact matching lamps so that’s why I mixed them up a little.


The side tables are so pretty and were the final flourish that I’ve only just got round to. I suggested them to a client and when I next visited her I was so taken with them I ordered some for myself. They were an absolute pig to put together but now they are up they are perfect. The antique gold finishes ties in with the other brass touch points like the light switches and the log burner handle.

So there you have it. Of course a room is never really complete and no doubt I shall be adding ongoing touches here and there but for now I am happy to leave it alone and just enjoy it. I hope you enjoyed the tour, let me know what you think….